back massageOur treatment environment is created to feel much like a sports medicine clinic. Patients come to us with a specific area of injury and receive personalized care to facilitate healing and recovery of that particular injury. Patients select session times based on their needs. If you are unsure what treatment time to select contact us and we can help you choose a session that works best to suite your needs.

What sets Owlchemy apart from other massage clinics is the strategic nature of each session backed by our professional level of education. Treatments are interactive and multidimensional. Patient feedback is used to gain clinical insight on tissue behavior and response to injury and treatment. Two-way communication during the session is essential to fine tune techniques and expedite healing.

Unlike traditional massage there is no need to fully disrobe, simply wear or change into comfortable clothes (loose fitting shorts, tank tops etc.) that allow exposure to the injured area and you’re all set. Comfortable gowns are provided to allow exposure of the back while maintaining patient modesty.