Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does cupping hurt?

    The suction from cupping can be slightly uncomfortable especially around injured areas but does not typically cause any pain. I’d the sensation becomes too uncomfortable let your therapist know and they will reduce the suction pressure.

  • What are cupping marks and are they painful?

    Cupping marks (halos) are a result of old debri, stagnant blood and toxins being pulled to the surface away from the injury to be cleared. The discolorations that result are not painful.

  • Are cupping marks the same as bruises?

    Bruises are an area of discoloration on the skin caused by a blow or impact that actually breaks the underlying blood vessels. This is not the same as a cupping marks (See “are cupping marks painful”).

  • How long will the cupping marks last?

    Cupping marks last approximately 3 days to a week. Darker and deeper stagnation may take a few weeks to completely resolve.

  • What do the different color cupping marks mean?

    Discolorations (halos) following cupping treatment are normal. Variations in color can have different meanings.

    In general nice peach colored halos indicate healthy blood circulation. Darkened purple to black halos are an  ideal release indicating that severe stagnation has been brought to the surface. Deep red halos indicate moderate stagnation and toxins. Spotted with pink to lavender background means there is a lot of congestion and toxins that are having a hard time being released. The tissues in this area are often very tight and need releasing to help flush toxins out efficiently.

  • Will the signature injury massage hurt?

    Injury massage is not designed to be soothing or relaxation per se. It is also not designed to intentionally inflict discomfort. It is meant to physically work the kinks out that are causing dysfunction and pain and for this reason can be a bit uncomfortable. As always the patient is in full control of the treatment session and if at anytime you would like our therapist to stop or lighten pressure just let us know and we will kindly oblige.

  • Do you accept tips?

    Tips are never required but are graciously accepted.

  • What methods of payment are accepted?

    We gladly accept Cash, CashApp, Visa and Mastercard.

  • What should I wear?

    It is best to wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing that allows adequate exposure to the injured area as well as surrounding areas. Please be advised that a non-scented cream is used during treatment that may stain or soil clothing. Cream is used during treatment that may stain clothing. Therefore it is not advised to wear clothing that cannot be soiled.

  • Will I have to get completely undressed?

    Absolutely not. We eliminate one of the most reported factors preventing clients from receiving massage. All massages are performed with clothing or gowns on. See “what to wear” for more details.

  • How does the Owlchemy Wellness Card work?

    Injury can happen at anytime. We created the Owlchemy Wellness Card to reward our patients for being proactive with taking care of their bodies. Earn credit with each massage completed and receive half off your 6th massage. Discounted massages can be can be gifted to friends and family. You have earned the credit so you are free to gift it or use it as you wish.

  • What conditions are appropriate for Owlchemy Massage?

    We treat orthopedic and sports injuries. Examples include ankle sprain, ankle surgery, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, knee surgery, hip surgery, hip replacement, labral tear, back sprains, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder surgery, rotator cuff pain, neck pain, post-activity soreness, and post-sport recovery.

  • What conditions are not appropriate for Owlchemy Massage?

    Any open wounds at or near the treatment area, pregnant women, those seeking relaxation massages, those seeking full body massage, breast massage, genital massage, current diagnosis of cancer, fever, chills, diarrhea, coughs, colds, active rashes or intoxicated patients. If any of these conditions are present you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for a more appropriate time.

  • Do you perform normal/relaxation massages?

    Owlchemy has spent over 20 years perfecting our craft and honing our skills in sports medicine, orthopedics and manual therapy.  We have an authentic passion for sports medicine, sports injury and treating athletes from all different walks of life.

    We have worked hard to become the areas premier manual therapy clinic for sports and orthopedic injuries. We do not perform full body or relaxation massages but will happily recommend one of our affiliate clinics for wonderful relaxation massage.

  • Will I hear a "click" or "pop" with the joint mobilization?

    Joint mobilizations are graded based on amplitude, speed and where in the range they occur. The characteristic “crack” that most people associate with chiropractic techniques or joint mobilizations are typically performed at a grade V (high velocity, small amplitude at the end of the available range). Although there may be a few surprise “pops” during treatment our joint mobilizations are performed at lower grades and are integrated seamlessly into our treatment.

  • What if I am late?

    Depending on our schedule flexibility, if you are running late you may be able to stay for the remainder of your scheduled session or you may be asked to reschedule your visit. If you chose to stay for the remainder of your scheduled session the fee remains the same and is not prorated. There is a $20 cancellation fee assessed to the next visit for cancellations occurring with less than 24 hours notice.