injury massage


Immediately following an injury, tissue changes begin to occur. The injured area becomes flooded with toxins, blood flow is impaired, tissues dry out and stick together, adhesions form, muscles get tight and pain ensues. If left untreated these tissue changes continue to produce pain, stiffness, weakness and a host of other impairments that get in the way of enjoying life. This is where Owlchemy Massage comes in.

spot massageS.P.O.T. Approach:

Over the years we have had overwhelming requests to perform massage that focuses on the injured area only.  The S.P.O.T. approach was born from those requests. S.P.O.T. stands for specific place of treatment. It was developed for no-nonsense patients wanting to get back to work and play quickly and efficiently without the fluff and buff associated with some massages. The SPOT approach is not a full body or relaxation based treatment.  It is a socially and sometimes physically interactive hands on treatment approach. The S.P.O.T. approach focuses on eliminating adhesions and mobility limitations of affected tissue to speed recovery of orthopedic injuries. It allows ample time to be spent on areas where you need it most and less time on areas where you don’t.

cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy:

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine with strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment cups are placed on the skin and a suction is created to form a vacuum. Cupping helps to lift, stretch and separate fused tissue layers. Improving tissue restrictions helps to release old debris, enhance blood flow and reduce pain. (Please note: all cupping sessions are performed with silicone cups).